the Q▓R Code to follow us on Wechat'Currency manipula▓tor' accusation show▓s US double standards'Currency manipu▓lator' accusation shows US dou▓ble standards'Curre▓ncy manipulator' accusation shows US double s▓tandards08-09-2019 09:35 BJTThe U.S. accusati▓on that China is manipulati▓ng its currency not only contradicts i▓ts own criteria in assessi▓ng currency manipulation, but also provides further evid▓ence that Washington is willing to ad

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opt double standards in its attempts to suppress its com▓petitors.The United▓ States has lon▓g been using the▓ exchange rate of its cu▓rrency to maintain its economic dominance as the U▓.S. dollar rema▓ins the global reserve cur▓rency. Washington has been consistently pres▓suring Beijing to increase the flexibility ▓of its currency, the renminbi (RMB), des▓pite the increasing marketization China has achieved in reforming i▓ts exchange rate regime si▓nce 1994. The global financia

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